Indigo Girls Biography

"This is music of the past, present, and future — a boundlessness earned and not bestowed [....] music composed across time, not just in time."


"The carcass is a mound of snow.  It is a pink, lunar heart.  I watch from the side of the road as Graeme drags the ewe across the pavement, his glove and the cuff of his flannel shirt dipped in red like a candied apple." @The Threepenny Review



"I fell in love with professors and baristas and truck drivers and hotel clerks. Once, I fell in love with a customer service representative in Iowa over the phone. I fell in love with Annie Dillard and Raymond Carver and blue paint and my own cunt." @The Rumpus


"He visits us every time you land in the same jail, your twin mug shots forever floating in the same county database, each one more fucked up than the last." @The Rumpus

End of the Earth

"My friend watched flashlights move from the front of the house to the back. She heard the low muffling of voices and the beeping of walkie-talkies." @Barnstorm

Here Fishy, Fishy

Finalist - John D. Guyon Literary Prize Competition

"We look like vagabonds, road-weary immigrants suddenly deported to this dank and derelict tourist town, this aqueous vortex with caramel corn." @Crab Orchard Review


"The uncanny is the red well of recognition, the buried obsession, the glossy vaginal folds, the former heim.  This is terrifying, we decide, and off we run." @Painted Bride Quarterly

In New York

"In New York, I walk everywhere.  I avoid the subway, the bus, the area in Brooklyn where I was once a teacher.  I spend a lot of time in Chinatown looking at fish on ice, the slick octopus and the frogs in buckets, heaving." @PANK



The Whitest Winter Light

1st Place, National Contest in Nonfiction

Best American Essays 2012, Notable Essay

"She tells me how scared he became when the lights went out at night and how once, after they were a little older, she caught her brother masturbating beside the couch where Mattie slept."  @Alligator Juniper

If Only You People Could Follow Directions

Nominated for a Puschart Prize, 2012 

"Three years ago, Eric pulled into my mother's driveway in her car.  It was three o’clock in the morning and the car was destroyed, the roof folded in on itself like a paper airplane, the windshield and sunroof shattered, snow collecting in the leather seats."  @Carolina Quarterly

Pretend We Fell Asleep

"Sometimes, I want to be held so badly I shake like a hooked fish." @Little Fiction

In Oquossoc

“In Saskatchewan, we could eat grilled cheese sandwiches at a roadside diner and a man called Griz might teach us to play five-card stud, beating us every time…" @Fringe Magazine