"Working with Jessica is the single best investment I ever made in my writing. I’m convinced that the last essay she coached me through would not have been accepted by the New York Times without her careful stewardship.  I’m learning to be a stronger and more critical writer through our work together." --Barbara Murphy, Burlington, VT

"Working with Jessica has been incredibly helpful and really inspired me to make my manuscript even better than I thought it could be.  She has such great insight and really gets my work, gets what kind of writer I am, and how I can take it to the next level.  She provided me with the exact thing I needed which was help with the structure of my manuscript and how to order it into a better more cohesive and compelling work.  Jessica is a gifted writing coach/mentor and brings her wide knowledge of literature, aptitude as a teacher along with her warm and caring personality to each and every meeting!  I always enjoy talking to and learning from her." --Jessica Ticktin, Burlington, VT

"Not only is Jess the best kind of writer: funny, brilliant, intimate, urgent....but (how can this be?): she is also an amazing writing coach, thinking partner, creative advocate. Her ability to read your work and enter it and understand what it's about (recognizing both your realized and unrealized impulses) and to help you understand where it's succeeding and what parts are inchoate--oh, this is education and editorial assistance at its best. She is warm and encouraging but also serious and exact. Jess' insights and teachings have helped me become a stronger, more mature writer." --Julia Shipley, author of The Academy of Hay, 2014 Melissa Lanitis Gregory Poetry Prize, Craftsbury, VT 

"Jessica Hendry Nelson's contribution to my writing life is immeasurable. Doomed to live in an over-analytical mind, I tend to fixate on my shortcomings. Jessica shines a light on the value of the work, validating even the smallest steps forward while simultaneously holding up the next target. Most importantly, she makes me absolutely believe I can hit it." --Heidi Sell, Omaha, NE

"Jessica Hendry Nelson writes the creative nonfiction that I want to read--brilliant, creative, powerful, and unique. She also thinks about and teaches creative nonfiction is amazing ways, and I know because we meet once a month to talk writing. I trust her completely with my essays. And I trust her completely with ideas on how to teach creative nonfiction. She is a dynamo of a human, a dynamo of a writer."-- Sean Prentiss, author of Finding Abbey, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award, Woodbury, VT

"Jessica Hendry Nelson was a tremendous help in moving my manuscript forward. She offered the perfect balance of encouragement and thoughtful critique that helped me take my novel to the next level." --Darcie Abbene, Morrisville, VT

"Jessica's class helped me to be a better writer. Every piece of writing she prompted and coaxed from me was a piece I was committed to and proud of, which raised my confidence and reminded me of why I love to write. Her bold and constructive approach to giving feedback, as well as the way in which she structured workshops was immersive, entertaining, and educational. I learned more from her in a semester than from a lot of my other professors, and I'll always be grateful to her for that reason." --Patrycja Matyskowic, Burlington, VT

"Working with Jessica on my writing has provided me with a means of establishing both a generative process and a writing routine. Her editorial notes move my work forward and keep me focused on revision methods. Through candid discussions of how we as writers approach the most vulnerable subjects in our creative nonfiction, I'm empowered to write the stories particular to my life, the ones that formerly felt like secrets I'd keep forever. While studying recommended readings and putting into practice the elements of craft Jessica and I talk about, I'm finding new ways to honor what is most compelling about my own material. Please give yourself the gift of a one-on-one, continuous conversation with a relatable, accomplished professional about what it means to make worlds out of language." --Emily Borgmann, Omaha, NE

"Jessica worked as the content instructor for my degree project; with her support and guidance I was able to transform as a writer, and spoken word performer with confidence. Jessica’s ability to connect with her students is one of her strongest qualities, and is what sets her apart from what makes a great teacher, superb. She is a bright, charming, and savvy women that gives excellent critiques and advice while constantly supporting the overall goals for your work. Jessica is an excellent mentor, and writer, and overall a wonderful person.” -Alexandra L Slivinsky, Burlington, VT